UK Track day Driving Experience

Ferrari-v-Lamborghini-v-Aston Martin

Since kids, most of us have had a need for speed. We always wanted to be the faster runner, the fasted on our bicycles and the first to finish school assignments. For most boys, this eventually transforms in the need to have the fastest car in the city. It also leads to a little bit of recklessness on the road and us turning the streets into our own little racetrack where we do circuits and sometimes have imaginary track days with other motorists. If we are lucky we do so without the copper fining us or impounding are car.

As we get older and a bit more mature, we look for safer and more authentic race car experience. Depending on your wallet, you might own a sports car that has a huge owner’s club with plenty of driving experience days at the track. For some others they might just take a class or two at a local race track to quench their need for speed. Some of us may hire a supercar for the day like a Ferrari or Lamborghini. What each group realises is that it is much more exciting to learn how to push a car to its limit on the track than on the street.

Some become consistent attendees at various track day and circuit meets in the UK, which gives them a ton of driving experience that they could not get anywhere else in the world. For many people, it is so fun and rewarding that it becomes their number one hobby or even their main obsession. Let’s face it, driving fast is fun and it is even more fun when done on a race track. There is nothing quite like it and we know for a fact that if you just go one time, you will be back again and again, and then some more.

For anyone who has a need for speed, who has always dreamt of pushing a car to the limit, we suggest one of the numerous track day events that are hosting all over the UK. It is a great chance for you to really learn what it feels like to mash your pedal and make a car scream. We promise that the smile on your face might last all day long or more like we warn that might happen for you.

It is also about learning proper racing technique and the skills that are needed to handle a car at high speed. It is a little more complicated than hitting the pedal and just going. We think that might be what the southern Americans do in their drag races but this is a more polished style of racing that takes a lot of skill and practice— It is the most rewarding and classy form of motor racing that you will experience.

As you can see, there is nothing quite like attending a track day and driving circuits. It is one of those things that every guy or gal should experience just once in their life. We promise that you will not be disappointed.

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Monaco’s Formula 1 Race Circuit

Monaco_track1Monaco is a formula 1 racing circuit that is well known among racing enthusiasts, It is laid out on the city streets of Monaco, and the drivers have to negotiate the twists and turns of common streets, which makes the race more interesting. The race is commonly known as “Monte Carlo” due to its neighborhood feel and the tradition of the race.

The Grand Prix at Monaco occurs on one weekend per year in the month of May. The city hosts the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix which is one of the highlights of the Formula one season.

It takes six weeks to put the course together before the race can happen. The course itself will have many shifts in elevation, tightened and narrowed corners, and other features that make this race one of the, more demanding circuits in racing. It is more a test in driver’s skills than it is a test of speed alone.

There is very little in the way of overtaking other cars, as the course is so narrow. One driver likened the Monaco course to riding a bicycle around and around in your living room. Much of the final outcome depends upon a car’s grid position along with a flawless pit strategy.

There is a famous part of the course called the tunnel section, which traverses underneath the Fairmont Hotel. This area is somewhat difficult for drivers to handle because the lighting changes so abruptly, changing from light to dark and then quickly back to light again. This happens to occur on one of the fastest areas of the course, so the skill requirements are very great here.

The Monaco circuit is recognised generally as being one of the more dangerous courses in Formula One racing due to its cramped turns and narrow straightaways, and if the course were not already in existence as a Grand Prix course, it would not be allowed under current regulations due to safety reasons. The race is especially hard on brakes and gearboxes due to the necessity of slowing down abruptly at the sharp and narrow corners.

The course is viewed as the ultimate test for drivers in that they have to apply all of their driving skills at all times as far as timing and maneuvering skills. Raw speed is not as much of a factor at all, but the ability to drive into and out of various situations of advantage and being able to avoid unpredictable problems loom large all the time.

The cars themselves are set up with a large downdraft force with aerodynamic wings, which serve the purpose of shortening braking times and when under acceleration, keep the cars stable.

Aberville Circuit Trackdays

stage-pilotage-ferrari-f430-f1-circuit-abbeville-80-1217-41Driver experience days at the Aberville Circuit is one of the best ways to get plenty of race car driving experience. For the guys and girls who are out there who really want to get experience learning how to handle a car on a track, there’s nothing better than a trackday in France. For many of you it has been a dream to get behind the wheel of a car on an open track and gun it around the track. Who can blame you because it is a lot of fun and will give you some memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Building Skills

So these trackdays in France are not just about having reckless fun but instead they are more about building the necessary skills to handle a car at top speed on a racetrack. People rarely realize the skills that it takes to handle a car around a track. It is a well welcomed wake up to speed enthusiast. Also the skill development needed to master handling a car on the track is one of the things that keep people attracted to this hobby. It is much like golf where it is the difficulty and the need to win the battle between self and the ball that really addicts them to the sport. The physical, mental and emotional development that it takes to handle a car on the track makes this hobby so rewarding.


One reason why the Aberville Circuit Track in France is so popular to get this form of driver experience is because of the level of professionalism that the staff has. Not all training centres are the same and some just aren’t that good. The reason why this one is so great is because the instructors are well trained, well organized and they know how to teach these skills to students. This is really what you are looking for when you are seeking race car driving skills and the ability to handle a road racetrack.

Great Customer Service

Great customer service is another reason why students really love having their driving experience at Aberville Circuit Track. Customer service is so important because you want to have a staff who really is about giving you the best experience possible. You also want a staff who is friendly and personable. This makes them easy to talk to and lets you know that they really care about you having a great time and that you learn as much possible. Stop by the track and you will see how much they focus on this aspect of running these courses.

As you can now see, this is a great racetrack driving experience course for anyone who lives in France or who wants to visit. You will learn all the skills that you need to feel comfortable around a track and you will find a friendly and professional staff who will ensure that you pick up these skills in a fun environment.